Poultry Division

To achieve its objective of becoming Guyana's number one
Didco Trading Company has an integrated poultry development
project comprising a Hatchery, a Farm, a Feed Mill and a
Processing Plant.

The Hatchery, acquired from Chick Master, commissioned in
December 2002. . Chicks are produced from the renowned
Cobb eggs as the focus is on producing large breasted chicken.

The Poultry Farming Project is an essential and critical linkage.
It has 20 tunnel ventilation broiler houses measuring 40’ x 500‘
. These Birds are being hatched in our own hatchery

The Feed Mill Produces 35 Metric Tones Of Pellitized Feed
Per Hour Working With 12 Skilled And Unskilled Employees
Per Shift Of 8 Hours Per Day

The poultry Processing Plant, acquired from Stork Gamco, has
the capacity to process 6,000 live birdsnn birds per hour. These
birds will are being processed under strict hygienic conditions
and internationally acceptable quality assurance standards. For
the local and international markets. The plant is operating with
a minimum of 127 persons.


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